Word from the Artist

Starting from her very early days, Suzanne Hindson sustained a love and talent for art

At the age of 4, she won her first drawing contest, and won numerous others throughout her childhood. Her choice and use of colour, movement and original style stood out in her artwork.

She discovered the world of stained glass in her teenage years by watching her mother making stained glass art at home. She rapidly fell in love with this form of art and since then has enjoyed creating projects of various styles. Over the years, she has refined her technical ability with the help of a few experts.

Suzanne has also explored other mediums such as ceramics, painting, and drawing as well as using a combination of colored pencils and pastels. Today she still continues to express herself through these mediums although, at present, she prefers working with stained glass.

Thanks to her creative spirit and her attention to detail, she instills magic through her artwork.