Artistic Commitment

Art that comes to life with light !

Each one of the pieces of art that I make is created with loving attention.

My inspiration is simply the love of creating,

the joy of witnessing the uniqueness of every piece of art being born.

I am thrilled to share this delight with you.

I invite you to stop and take a moment

to simply savour the beauty and the warmth that radiates from each piece of art.

If you wish to have a more fulfilling experience, treat yourself to the possibililty of admiring a table lamp or a candle holder in your surroundings! (See Contact us page.)

You will notice how a simple lamp or a candle holder is able to completely transform the atmosphere of the room it is in.

You will feel how wonderful it is to let yourself be filled with the gentle light that magically fills the room.

The making of stained glass…

Stained glass is essentially sand, fused with a few other elements at 3000 °F. Metal oxides are incorporated into the fusion to create a vast array of colors.

The glass is then handled in various ways as it cools to achieve a variety of interplays of colour, translucence, texture and movement.

Over the years, the making and refining of stained glass has become a skill that requires great care.

Several kinds and styles of glass are now used in making pieces of art from stained glass.

In my case, everything starts with an inspiration… an idea, a vision that appears to me.

I then manifest the vision by drawing a first draft of it on paper. As I draw, the image undergoes several metamorphoses. I watch the transformation happen until the moment I get a feeling of ”This is it!”.

I take time to find the perfect type and style of glass for each of the project’s pieces. I consider the play of colours, the degree of translucence, the textures and the movement required to created the desired effect. Once the search and selection of the glass sheets is complete, I draw the outline of each of the pieces onto the glass itself. I then cut the glass into precise shapes.

The pattern must be drawn in a way that allows for the glass to be cut using a small handheld glass cutter with a metal wheel that scratches a line into the glass. Glass is not easily cut if the drawn line makes angles or sharp curves, as glass tends to break in a relatively straight line.

Once all the pieces of glass are cut, the edges are sanded smooth. Additional grinding is sometimes necessary to ensure they all meld together well.

A narrow strip of copper foil is then wrapped around and glued to the edges of each piece of glass. After the foil is firmly pressed onto the glass, the pieces are then positioned and soldered together.

If desired, patina may be applied to the solder to give it a black or a copper finish. The entire piece is then waxed and polished to enhance its brilliance.

Time to admire and enjoy!

The art of stained glass requires delicate care and a lot of time. Depending on the complexity and number of pieces of glass used, one piece of artwork may take days, weeks, and even months to complete.

To me, every step of the way is a joy to experience,and it is always a delight to bring a beautiful vision into the world!